About us

Francesco Lanzoni history starts in a small country town near Bologna in the north est of Italy. His family run a shoe shop where his father and his grandfather produce custom made shoes, stitched with great skill by Francesco’s mother. Growing up in such an ambient, Francesco fell in love with shoes very soon: he starts to design his first pairs when he is very young and with the encouragement of his father, later on, he goes to Milan to graduate at the URIC (Ars Sutoria), one of the most important schools for shoes design and technique.

After the shool, he does a period of apprentice in the famous shoe factory Bruno Magli in Bologna, but, in late 60’ies, feeling a growing necessity to materialize his ideas, Francesco decides to open his own new factory: it is and immediate success!

His unconventional idea of shoes, using unexpected lines in combination with materials never used before (such as aluminum from soda cans or real sea sand and shells) and techniques uncommon for shoes (such as hand painting, real ceramic and mosaic) leads Francesco Lanzoni to become a well known brand in the shoes world.

Also, as ultimate recognition, Francesco Lanzoni has the pleasure to have his shoes exhibit at The Fashion History Museum in Ontario, Canada and at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, U.S.A.

And the story goes on: after more than 50 years, Francesco is still creating unique shoes, now with the support of his sons.

After four generations, the philosophy of Lanzoni’s products is still the same: sophisticated design, innovative techniques and materials and extreme care in quality.

The family business and the intent to keep the company size to an artisan dimensions, allow Lanzoni to take care of all the details in designs and production and to continue to create with the precision and the flexibility typical of handicraft.